Sound Engineering

Making sound tracks for different video and cinematic is my most favorite type of work and always comes as a priority.

  • Music for the Trust And Verify TV-program bumper at the Doverie TV-channel

  • Music for the Nice Work TV-program bumper at the REN-TV TV-channel

  • Music for the People's Control TV-program bumper at the Stolitsa TV-channel

  • Music for the Cop’s Protection TV-program bumper at the Russia TV-channel

  • Advertisement for the Capitol store starring Renata Litvinova. (This portfolio version is based on draft videos.)

  • Advertisement for the net of furniture shops Sofas And Chairs

  • Advertisement for the cold medicine “Galazolin”

  • Advertisement for the cold and flu medicine “Aflubin”

  • Advertisement for fast dinner dishes “Business Menu”, option No.2

  • Advertisement for fast dinner dishes “Business Menu”, option No.1

  • Advertisement for Finn Flare

  • Advertisement for The Tribune newspaper